UIIN Conference Madrid

Our colleague Marko Bahle will give a lecture at the upcoming UIIN Conference in Madrid. His talk will cover the paper titled “Navigating Startup Success - The Inno Radar's Role in Streamlining Academic Incubation.”


We are at Balttechnika with our colleagues Jörg Reiff-Stephan from EDIH pro_digital, Volker Wittpahl from the Institute of Innovation and Technology in Berlin, Audrius Senulis and Mindaugas Kurmis from the University of Klaipeda in Lithuania.

Success Story - Gas Grün GmbH

Gas Grün GmbH is a leading startup in the business of providing innovative decentralized biogas plants, with the accommodation of a complete energy production system from biomass in just a container. It is situated in the region of Brandenburg, Germany, well within the geographical location and outreach of our EDIH.

Why invest in digital, innovative technologies?

We are often asked: "Why should we invest in digitisation?" Our answer is always the same: Because it's worth it!

Inno Radar - Discover the innovations of the future

With the Inno Radar app, you can collect, evaluate and communicate the latest technologies, trends and more and assess their relevance for your projects. Ideal for technology scouts and boundary tensioners!

DMA - Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital maturity - What is it? Is your company prepared for the digital turnaround?

Infosfera Magazine Interview

The new issue of Infosfera Magazine from the Italian EDIH Pride has been published. Including an interview with pro_digital.

Our new Partner Enterprise Europe Network ENN BB

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) operates worldwide and supports companies with international ambitions.